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5 of the best Alan Partridge clips March 27, 2007

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I don’t care what anyone says, I’m Alan Partridge is the funniest comedy created in the last decade or so, here are some of my favourite clips from the show, for my amusement and yours…

5) Alan has a row with a farmer on the radio


4) “Stop getting Bond wrong!”

3) “Could go your way, could go mine”

2) “You Can’t”

1) DAN!


Premonition (2007) March 22, 2007

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Orange Wednesdays are great, two tickets to see a film for a fiver, bargain. But after going to see Premonition last night I feel like I was ripped off. I had the chance of seeing Norbit, 23, or Premonition and we decided to go for Premonition as we had heard bad things about the previuos two so we thought Premonition would be a safe bet. Well now get ready to hear bad things about Premonition.

The story is about a woman (Sandra Bullock) who wakes up one day to find her husband has been killed in a car accident. Then she wakes up the next day and he’s alive. And then he’s dead again. We later find out that her days have been mixed up and they are a premonition of events leading to something happening on Wednesday, when her husband would have the accident. How we the audience are supposed to work this out is beyond me. The film offers no explanation or an attempt at one.

It also doesn’t explain crucially, why she wakes up and its a different day, the film makes no sense. If it is a premonition it makes no sense beacuse it is a series of premonitions and the film makes no effort to explore these supernatural events. The film moves incredibly slowly especially the first 20 minutes where I could feel myself getting aggravated already. By the end I was falling asleep.

 I’d say it was the worst film I have had the misfortune to see this year, which is strange as I had a Premonition it maight be half decent. I would guess the cinema-goers around me felt exactly the same. The whole cinema would groan everytime Sandra Bullock’s character would wake up for the billionth time on a different day with no explanation. “Not again” I heard someone say.

Without giving away the eventual plot, all I can say is the final scenes are a total letdown and rendered the film completely pointless. This could have been made into a half decent film if it had turned out that her husband was in fact playing with her mind, but his one-dimensional character was plain for all to see.

Do yourself a favour a miss out on this one. 1/5

feel free to comment espcially if you think this film was great!

Films to look out for over Easter March 18, 2007

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Just a short blog from me today as I wait for the Formula One to get underway- Go on Lewis Hamilton!

The list of films I want to watch at the cinema that have been released in the last couple of weeks and are coming out over Easter is ever-growing, I have no idea how I’m going to fit them all in, let alone afford to go and see them all! But here’s my ‘to watch’ list…

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • 23
  • Norbit
  • Spiderman 3
  • Mr Bean’s Holiday
  • Hills Have Eyes 2
  • Premonition

Anything else I should be looking out for? Any I should avoid?

Will I soon have to change this site’s name to Dan’s HD-DVDs? March 14, 2007

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According to amazon, the Blu-ray version of Casino Royale has broken into their top ten sellers, the first time a HD DVD has done this. To explain for those that don’t know, two new formats of DVDs are now available on the market. HD-DVDs, and Blu-ray DVDs. These are High definition DVDs. Blu-ray is championed by Sony, while HD-DVDs are fellow Japansese technology giants Toshiba.

I’ve not actually seen one in action, but they are supposed to be of the finest quality in picture and sound. Both HD and Blu-ray players are expensive and being a student I don’t actually know anybody who owns one. But the impending release of the Sony PlayStation3 (I wish I had a spare £425!) means that Blu-ray players will become common up and down the UK.

This news from amazon shows that there is clearly a market for these new formats, and I expect them to feature in the top sellers list soon, and before the end of the year don’t be surprised if one of them becomes the highest selling DVD. Like any new format, they will phase out the old eventually. All new TV’s are HD TVs, so there will be no place for regular. People can moan and be nostalgic all they like but it happens. I don’t use my VHS player any more, and if it wasn’t for Sky+ then I would almost certainly have a DVD recorder at home. You can pick those up now for around £90 whereas two years ago it would have cost £1000.

 What is confusing is the battle between HD and Blu-ray. Will one of them win and the other subside, or will they both co-exist at the top. I have my reservations about that, and while I believ HD DVDs will be strong, I believe Sony’s PS3 will mean Blu-ray will eventually be more successful.

But to answer my point…while yes, one day this blog will be out of date, I will not be changing it’s name! If I made this blog ten years ago then I would have called it Dan’s VHS’s!

Will you be investing in a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player? Can’t see what all the fuss is about? feel free to comment…

Disney to make 2D films again! March 12, 2007

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Today’s big film news stems from a man unheard of to most, called John Lasseter who is the ‘chief creative officer’ at Disney announcing that from 2009 they will make 2D films again. They abandoned making them in 2004 and many jobs were lost although now it seems they are set to be rehired.

3D animation was seen as the pinnacle of animation and they have had huge success with it. Films like Shrek, Cars and the Incredibles have quite rightly been successful, but for every successful 3D animation there are also flops too, no matter how good the animation. Over The Hedge and Barnyard to name a couple. People are now seeing that it isn’t the jaw-dropping animation that matters but actually having a good story.

Disney thought that after their last 2D film ‘Home on the Range’ disappointed viewers that it was due to the fact it was 2D, but viewers can recognise a good story when they see one, and that is why films such as Aladdin and The Lion King are preferred by many to todays 3D blockbusters.

There is still a HUGE market for 2D animation despite the 3D boom, as sales of Family Guy DVDs and interest in the Simpson’s Movie suggests. Disney are now recognising this and have commissioned a film called ‘The Frog Princess’ about an African-American princess and its being directed by the man who oversaw Aladdin and The Little Mermaid.

I really hope for Disney’s sake it is a success, at the end of the day as much as the new films make you go ‘wow’ the originals are still the best and surely its right the next generation of kids get the chance to see superb 2D animation as I did. A bit of healthy competion for the 3D Disney Pixar prodcutions certainly won’t go amiss as far as I’m concerned.

Miami Vice- the best cop show on DVD? March 8, 2007

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Whilst born in the 80s, I grew up in the 90s, so was never able to experience this great show when it was first run. or second, third, fourth or fifth come to think of it. Instead I discovered it because I took a gamble and bought it off the back of an advert I saw on TV for it.


THE best cop show ever in my opinion. This was groundbreaking stuff for the 80s, the camera work, the acting and combination of grittiness and glamour all rolled into one makes this a must own box set. The first series is amazing, Crockett and Tubbs are an awesome duo, both of them have so many levels, especially Crockett. The sunny beaches are also an amazing backdrop for the show. Music is also such an important part of the show, the scene where Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight plays as Crockett and Tubbs are on their way to a showdown is so powerful and one that sends shivers down your spine. The Ferrari Daytona is just pure sexiness, although I think its better suited to Miami’s glamour than mid-England where I’m writing this from. Nothing to do with the fact that I’m a penniless student and can’t afford one. In the UK the first two series are out on DVD and in the US the first FOUR are, lucky so and so’s.

Here is THAT scene in the Daytona…

Love Miami Vice? Feel free to comment…

Think i’m wrong and there’s a better cop show on DVD somewhere? let me know…

Die Hard 4 preview & movie trailer March 4, 2007

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Twelve years have passed since the last installment of the Die Hard franchise Die Hard With a Vengeance was released in 1995. Now Bruce Willis is back for more as troubled but heroic cop John McClane.

The plot focuses on how it is now 2007 and the world is now reliant, almost dependant on technology, and now terrorists are shutting down America by hijacking technology.

 I don’t know enough about the plot to know how McClane fits into all this but I do know that he’s in the thick of it and finds himself America’s sole hope of survival. Jack Bauer must be taking a holiday.

As I rewatched the Die Hard trilogy I noticed just how McClane was Jack Bauer before Jack Bauer, albeit with a liking for wisecracks. Bruce Willis has now aged a lot since the third Die Hard and has a completely shaven head but he looks in good enough shape and I hope he can pull it off.

I’m not sure of McClane’s family situation in regard to the plot but I do know that one of his daughters is grown up and has a central part in the film. Let’s hope she’s not a villain although that could be a nice plot twist. The film is released, significantly for American’s on Independance Day and has a working title of ‘Live Free or Die Hard’. This is important to the film because it is about America’s fight for freedom.

From the trailer it looks very up to date, and well shot, but it now has to ask can it compete with the phenomenon which is 24, which is now the benchmark for productions such as this.

What do you think, can it be as good or better than the last three films? How will a modern John McClane compare to Jack Bauer?

uk release date July 6th

The Incredibles (2004) March 2, 2007

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I’ve been meaning to watch this movie for a while now. Only last May I borrowed it from a friend and fell asleep five minutes in and had to give it back the next day. Typical. I yesterday found out that this is definitely no reflection on the film itself. Another bargain 99p rental let me see what I had missed out on and it’s a great film. I’ve always loved Disney films but up until seeing Cars at the cinema last year I hadn’t been mad on the pixar 3d ones but this is something special.

 It’s got humour, great animation and makes you feel like a kid again watching it. It’s also great having a family of superheroes as it gives everyone someone to relate to. The plot is the usual superhero yadda yadda save the world but what makes it work is definitely the family element. The film is an accurate representation of family life, while family members may drive each other up the wall sometimes they still love each other no matter what.

When you look below the surface, the film acts as a kind of social commentary on our times as well. It shows how compensation culture has gone mad, with a suicide attemptee suing Mr Incredible for saving his life. What’s funny/scary is I wouldn’t put this beyond possibility in real life. The characters’ struggle to fit into society is reflective of real life problems and the pressure to be normal. When Mr Incredible is working in for a big insurance corporation and gets in trouble for helping the customers expoit loopholes he gets in trouble for costing them money. This shows just how companies don’t care about the customers but only as his boss says “where are the stockbrokers going to get their money from?”. All of this shows to me that this is more than just a kids movie, it’s great entertainment yes, but scratch a little deeper and it’s also thought provoking entertainment.

quick note…Football fans may notice Mr Incredible’s resemblance to a certain not so Mr Incredible Iain Dowie

This is a historic moment for Dansdvds as this is the first film I award 5/5

What if Richard Gere hadn’t turned down Die Hard? March 1, 2007

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I’ve been re-watching my Die Hard trilogy this week, and was inspired to look up trivia about the film – on which I found that Bruce Willis was actually fifth choice for the role. Ahead of him were Arnold Schwarznegger (unsurprisingly), Sly Stallone, Burt Reynolds and er…Richard Gere.

Now forgive me if I’m wrong but he doesn’t actually strike me as the action hero type. Not ahead of Bruce Willis. What I have to look at is that they were both accomplished actors, but neither had really hit their peak, so they were just finding themselves. But I just want to express my relief that Gere didn’t take the role as if it wasn’t for this then everybody would be a loser.

 Die Hard (1988) wouldn’t be as successful as it is, we may not even have a trilogy as we know it, perhaps just a lone film that bombed. His reputation would have suffered. In my opinion anyway I think there is no way he could have made a good John McClane. Bruce Willis would have missed out on the peak of his career and it could have led to Gere missing out on his most accailmed role in Pretty Woman (1990).

Willis was so successful in that role that 19 years since the first film, Die Hard 4 is in production. I intend to have a look at whether that will be any good in the coming weeks.

What do you think, would Richard Gere have made a good John McClane? Could Arnie have out Bruce Willis-ed Bruce Willis?

When a Stranger Calls (2006) February 28, 2007

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The DVD rental place near me is great. 99p for a movie, meant that I was entertained for another rainy afternoon at uni. I started off watching ‘When a Stranger Calls’  half doing some work at the same time. But after 20 minutes I was hooked, quite bizarrely, as watching a girl be terrorised by a prank caller turn killer isn’t really what I would call fun but hey its only a movie.

The story centres on a teenage girl babaysitting at a rich family’s place before being scared silly by a threatening series of calls and actions. All she can do is phone the police who just tell her to lock the doors and set the alarm so nobody can get to her. One problem…the killer’s already in the house. Oops.

 When you talk about how music builds suspense in a movie, this would be a great one to cite as an example. Even when the girl, Jill, is doing the most mundane tasks such as entering a alarm keycode or opening a cupboard the music turns it into a frightful edge of your seat experience, but it works! It’s worth saying this is a remake of a 1979 version which I’ve not seen so I don’t know how it holds up but it kept me entertained.

 One thing it seemed to lack to me was a final showdown, and we didn’t get to know the killer at all. Only at the end we see that he’ some kind of serial stalker who’s killed many more victims in the same way before. Another point worth raising, this is one of the few movies where the police actually do their job for once. usually they get shot out the way if they aren’t central characters. But hey it made a nice change.

Here’s the trailer for the movie…so you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth watching or not 🙂

My expectations weren’t that high so I was pleasantly surprised i give it 3/5

What do you think of the movie? Agree with me? leave a comment

They’re making When a Stranger Calls 2 I believe, I’ll have the trailer to that up soon!